I love fried chicken. It’s a comfort food that crosses all cultures and cuisines. And from my first bite, i found a special love for the bold and unique flavors of Asian fried chicken. Whether it was from a bustling stall at a night market in Bangkok, or from a smiling street vendor in Vietnam, or from a rowdy bar in Tokyo, with each crispy piece I was exploring something new while at the same time feeling a comfort taste of home.

Soy sauce. White Pepper. Garlic. Ginger. Coriander. Cumin. Cilantro; just a few of the bold flavors of Asian fried chicken. It tastes earthy, savory and herbal—all at once! Japanese tebasaki wings marry a subtle heat from white pepper and a lip smacking garlicky glaze. Thai double fried chicken is marinated in coriander, cumin & garlic, served with fiery Thai chili dipping sauce. Korean fried chicken, famous for it’s crispy crust and a soy sauce, ginger garlic glaze.

AsianChicks is a well-traveled love letter to Asian fried chicken that I want to share with others. I want people to experience the surprise and delight of feeling that familiar taste of home while at the same time exploring something new.